Silk and Wool: Raw Cotton Mixfile

Silk and Wool Raw Cotton Mixfile

1. She will destroy you-Cocteau Twins
2. As falls Wichita So falls Wichita Falls - Pat Methany
3.A pile of Time- Ryuichi Sakamoto
4.No motion picture-Eberhard Weber
5.Rupaka Thalam-Valayapatti
6.Track 1- Unknown Bum
7.Ek for Jc-김진희
8.Heaven in a Doze- Hymn- Trembling Strain
9.Satyricon- Nina Rota
10.Time to find me (come inside)-Seefeel
11.Spielraum-Rainer Brüninghaus
12.Liuos- Pan Sonic
13.Swirl- Glitterbug
15.Cirrus minor-Terrapin

Freitag Aus Licht by Karlheinz Stockhausen

"Dedicated to all the children of the world"




Apostles of the Wild Kingdom

Found at American Rescue workers, dark Baltimore deep westside testimonies. Non Denominational doom sermons.  1996
C10 :

Novus Magnificat Through the Stargate Constance Demby

This is a jewel achieving brilliant ark
peaking in utter noise
all with Midi orchestra?


WHO IS GOD? Tape #103 April Fool's Gold Nuwaubians Hypno-Rap Tape

The Holy Tabernacle Ministries
Found yesterday in Salvation Army bins, Spitting jewels out like front teeth. Bearing witness, theophany, and confusion. Minimal bass is relentlessly pounding theta wave programming. Pink Floyd guitar continuously in the loop returning and returning C80 2 Tracks:

Rachid Itri

Was tipped off about this guy before visiting Morocco. Autotune with traditional melodies

Thunderbolt Lightening

Passamaquoddy, St. Mary, Oyate Te Olowan,  whales in boreal Skies.

Mohamed Ruicha

Acquired in Tangiers.
Truly amazing legend of Moroccan music :